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One Powerful Cooperation Has Generated a New Clever Simulator: the SYMSuit

On November 13, during our Annual Partners Meeting in Rotterdam, we had the opportunity to introduce a new simulator: the SYMSuit.
The SYMSuit was developed by Medical-X for our partner FACETMEDI. The SYMSuit combines the advantages of training with clinical task simulators and the human touch that can be developed by training with Standardized Patients.

How does the SYMSuit work?

This wearable consists of a suit with connections for diverse exchangeable trainers.

Patient Simulation Suit in 2 sizes with 7 Wearables to attach

Benefits of the SYMSuit

  • Experience what it is like to be a patient

  • Practice on a real patient

  • Practice advanced skills for medical students, doctors, and nurses

  • Practicing communication and social skills

  • Becoming aware of one’s own actions through reflection

  • Feedback from patient

  • Role-play training

  • Scenario training

  • Simulation training


For more information, you can contact André Herveille at FACETMEDI



  • P +31 43 852 32 29

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