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The future of surgical simulation: Laparoscopic ADAM-X

That Medical-X is known worldwide for our most authentic and life-like patient simulators is not a novelty for anyone. What is new is that we combined two of our best-sellers, added brand-new features, and developed the first full-body surgical patient simulator: The Laparoscopic ADAM-X! EFFECTIVE

International Health Simulation Meeting (IMSH) 2023!

MEDICAL-X AT IMSH 2023 From the 21st to the 25th of January 2023, we had the opportunity to be present and participate in the 23rd edition of the main health simulation education learning event in the world! They were incredible days of X-TREME learning and

Medical-X Celebrates Cultural Diversity

When a team is composed of a diverse group of individuals who represent different beliefs and backgrounds,  they can bring together their insights, talents, and experiences to come up with creative and inventive solutions.MEDICAL-X is active on a global scale market with the purpose of
COVID 19 Response Vaccine

COVID-19, a Multidisciplinary Challenge

More than a year has passed, and the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted the routine of health professionals within hospitals around the world, pushing them to their limits.Fortunately, most patients have mild to moderate symptoms, but those with a severe COVID-19 infection remain a challenge

Webinar: How to Train Neonatologists

How can NENASim Xtreme, the realistic high fidelity baby simulator, help teachers with the acquisition, maintenance, and evaluation of students' competencies? Dr. Daniella Roofthooft joins us in this webinar, sharing her knowledge about the common challenges, and the needs of the neonatology department, and how

New MEDICAL-X branch office in India

Thanks to your inquiries and interest, we are Xpanding the impact of our realistic simulation solutions. We open a new MEDICAL-X branch office in Gurugram, Haryana, India. Our professional team is eager to provide you with quick and accurate health care training solutions for your

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