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MEDICAL-X for Military

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The most advanced and realistic patient simulator available today

As military challenges become increasingly complex, armed forces and private security firms require highly-customizable and cost-effective training solutions for best-in-class tactical training that will save lives. ADAM-X is the most advanced and realistic patient simulator available today.

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In the field

ADAM-X provides a highly lifelike, flexible and student-centered learning experience that reduces skills fade compared to traditional classroom learning. ADAM-X is also wireless and can be used in immersive high-pressure training simulations, while deployed on operations, or even onboard military transport to reinforce life-saving medical and teamwork skills.

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Total tactical training

Whether used in training or refresher courses, ADAM-X is highly realistic in size and weight and incredibly durable, making it suitable for training scenarios such as personnel recovery and casualty evacuation. Cutting-edge technologies make ADAM-X the best simulation tool for combat casualty care procedures, from CPR and ALS protocols to medical treatment.

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The new standard in simulation

ADAM-X marks a new standard in terms of realistic form and function. The manikin is a reproduction of the skeletal and anatomical structure of a human. Its distinctive and unique human characteristics and features, including a cardiovascular system, a realistic respiratory tract, auscultation and the ability to make sounds make all trauma emergency training more realistic.

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