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International Health Simulation Meeting (IMSH) 2023!


From the 21st to the 25th of January 2023, we had the opportunity to be present and participate in the 23rd edition of the main health simulation education learning event in the world!

They were incredible days of X-TREME learning and new experiences! It is always extraordinary to be able to create connections with people who drive us in our mission and share experience with the best representatives of the medical simulation world.

At our booth, we provide the opportunity to meet our various simulators and unique, highly technological, extremely realistic skill trainers, such as: ADAM-X, NENASim, SYMSuit and Hemorrhage-X!

Check out a little more!

This year, we were honored to provide a hands-on learning lab in a pediatric setting with our extraordinary simulator: NENASim Xtreme!

Couldn’t forget to give a special thanks to Dr. Claudia Weltson, who presented the lab with excellence and in an inspiring way!

In the Lab, we cover the following topics:

Write an effective pediatric scenario.
Possibilities and limitations of using simulators. How to overcome limitations?
How to use the powerful functions of the NENASim simulator in conjunction with its software.

This was only possible because we had people who helped us throughout our journey! Therefore, we express our thanks to all IMSH participants and organizers, Medical-X users, distributors and our whole Medical-X Team. See you all at IMSH 2024 in San Diego!


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