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MEDICAL-X for Hospitals & First Responders

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The most advanced and realistic patient simulator available today

There can be no cutting corners when it comes to training medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, paramedics and other first responders need the most time-effective and realistic training available. MEDICAL-X’s range of ultra-realistic and highly-customizable simulators make sure that first responders and caregivers are ready when it really matters.

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In the field

NENASim and ADAM-X provide highly lifelike, flexible and student-centered learning experiences that go far beyond traditional classroom learning. Whether used in training or refresher courses, all adult and pediatric simulators are highly realistic in size and weight while based on a reproduction of the human skeletal and anatomical structure. Total realism without the danger of practicing on real patients.

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Widest range of scenarios

Built on cutting-edge technologies, our range of adult and pediatric manikins can realistically simulate conditions ranging from anaphylactic shock to pneumothorax and be used to practice procedures including intubations, defibrillations, catheterizations and ECGs. However, tutors can alter scenarios in real-time to test users’ responses and knowledge.

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The new standard in simulation

NENASim and ADAM-X mark a new standard for simulation in terms of form and function. Their distinctive and unique human characteristics and features, including a cardiovascular system, a realistic respiratory tract, auscultation and the ability to make sounds make all medical emergency training more realistic. Wireless and tetherless, they can be used on location to maximize the realism of training scenarios.

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