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MEDICAL-X for Universities

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The most advanced and realistic patient simulator available today

Whether showing medical students the ropes or aiding healthcare workers looking to refresh or increase their skills, universities and learning centers require the most high-fidelity adult and pediatric human simulators available to create truly immersive learning experiences where high levels of competence can be honed.

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Enhancing soft skills

The high degree of form and functional realism of NENASim and ADAM-X help create realistic simulated clinical scenarios where students are required to practice diagnosis, communication and collaboration skills, as well as procedures. Essential for ensuring they’re ready for real, high-stakes clinical environments.

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Superlative teaching tools

Our simulators support tutors to provide the best and most complete scenario training experience possible. Tutors can employ dozens of preset medical scenarios or build specialized scenarios. User-friendly simulation software allows instructors to control real-time movements and parameter outputs for training interactions outside the standard scenario flows. Our software logs all the events, vital signs, actions taken, and outcomes, for complete debriefing and competency assessments.

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Total scenario training

Our complete range gives students the opportunity for all types of high-fidelity procedural skill development. Adult and pediatric simulators facilitate realistic CPR, intubation, defibrillation, IO placement and catheterization. Skin pads are ideal for the true-to-life practice of cutting, suturing and IV injections. Patient monitor simulation software teaches users how to monitor and interpret patients’ vital signs accurately, while surgeons can hone their skills on our laparoscopic surgical simulators.

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Turnkey projects

MEDICAL-X offers turnkey projects for simulation training organizations. Our support can be for any stage of setting up or running a simulation center/department. Through the use of key partners, our own product portfolio and years of experience, we offer advice on best-practices in your project. Let us know about your plans and perhaps we can help you set-up the training environment you always dreamed of.

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