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Medior/Senior Software Engineer

Productie / Management

As production planner, you will manage and control the production line. You will coordinate the production planning to minimize production issues and costs while ensuring our products meet our quality standards. By receiving the internal orders, you will assign the tasks for the concerned departments, will control the production speed, and the allocation of resources and workforce. Also, you will help to design efficient systems that integrate workers, information, machines, energy, and materials to build our simulators in the best way. To design, develop and maintain manufacturing routes to maximize effectiveness, efficiency and space is part of your team’s responsibilities.

Role and responsibilities:

  • Manage all daily activities within the factory
  • Create and maintain the production schedules, process flows in the most efficient way
  • Intake Internal Order and delegate the tasks to the concerned departments
  • Determine costs, required man-hours and completion time of the work, as well manage cost and time constraints
  • Design control systems to minimize and resolve production issues and project costs
  • Control the production to ensure all products meet quality control standards
  • Develop best practices, routines and innovative solutions to improve production rates and quality of output


  • Bachelor/master’s degree in Production/Automation/Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering or related studies
  • At least 3 years of experience in management, automation, assembly, machining, and quality control processes
  • Fluent in English and preferably Dutch, in both speech and writing.

Preferred skills

  • Knowledge of production processes, costs, quality control, raw materials and other methods for maximizing the efficient manufacture and distribution of goods
  • Ability to design and understand precision technical plans, blueprints, drawings and models
  • Great knowledge in CAD/CAM (AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor Solid Works, Solid Edge and CATIA)
  • Great knowledge of machining processes (drilling, turning and milling)
  • Good knowledge in Methods Time Measurement
  • Knowledge of the ways various systems interact and how changes in operations, the environment and other conditions will affect outcomes

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