LAP-X HP, Simulator for laparoscopy


The advanced multidisciplinary full-flight laparoscopic trainer

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Full-flight laparascopic simulator

High fidelity full-flight laparoscopic simulator

Faster recovery, reduced patient discomfort, smaller incision and smaller scars are, among other benefits, important elements that have made minimally invasive surgery (MIS) more common. Though MIS has obvious advantages, there are many factors that make these procedures difficult to perform: motion inversion, reduced haptic perception, limited visibility, reduced access, etc.

This is why simulation based training is of high importance when it comes to an effective and safe way of training for these difficult surgical interventions. Medical training with simulation based courses results in a shorter learning curve due to training in a realistic environment, which leads to potential decreases in medical errors. LAP-X HP aids to standardize, structure and complement hands-on skills training.

LAP-X HP is suitable for anyone who is involved with MIS: surgeons, residents, students, operating room assistants and other healthcare professionals with specialties in general-, gastro-intestinal- and pediatric surgery, gynecology, urology and more. Users will have the opportunity to train in a controlled environment where mistakes can be made without harming actual patients.

Positioning the LAP-X HP

When training to become a medical professional, not only individual skills and an extensive knowledge are important, but so is the ability to perform effectively in a team. Team training leads to enhanced skills, efficient interaction, clear communication and an improved insight in medical situations, resulting in an effective team with well-balanced clinical judgment.

The realistic setup and the real position of the surgical team makes the LAP-X HP ideal for training of the complete OR team. It is a setup to train the anesthesiologist, the assistants, the nurses and the surgeon. To add to the realism of the training, the robotic patient of the LAP-X HP can be attached to a real defibrillator, patient monitor and anesthesia machine.

LAP-X HP comes with a robotic patient, an anesthesia tower, a patient monitor and a laparoscopy tower for a full-flight training experience. The educational platform and customizable training courses of the LAP-X HP allow for the system to be used in an effective team training setting. Assistance is available for integration of the setup or personalized solutions.

LAP-X HP setup

Unique simulator features

Realistic cardiovascular system

The robotic patient has a bilaterally palpable pulse on the carotid artery, the femoral artery, the radial artery, the dorsal artery of the foot, the popliteal artery and the posterior tibialis.

Life-like anatomy and physiology

The robotic patient of the LAP-X HP is a reproduction of a skeletal and anatomical structure of a human, with distinctive characteristics and features. The patient has a very realistic skin, and features automatic blinking depending on physiological status, as well as a physiological reaction of the pupils to light and to touch.

Unique pharmaceutics system

The robotic patient’s unique pharmaceutics system recognizes not only the administered drug, but also the received dose, after which a change of the vital parameters occurs correspondingly. Drugs can be administered by using the anesthesia tower, through the software and by using syringes.


The robotic patient has a realistic respiratory tract. The patient has fully independent right and left lungs, and ventilation of the lungs automatically leads to the appropriate sounds of breathing, chest excursion and pulmonary gas exchange. The patient also features chest flotation, and the resistance of the airway changes accordingly. Endotracheal, nasotracheal and orotracheal intubation are possible, as well as applying CPR. The patient also reacts automatically to blood loss during surgery.


When executing procedures and exercises, the robotic patient can encounter both general and surgical complications, adding to the realism of the (team) training.

Unique and realistic haptic feedback

For efficient medical training it is imperative that the training environment replicates realistic haptic perceptions of the procedure that is being executed. LAP-X HP uses unique patented haptic feedback technology which delivers great precision and provides an important realistic sense of touch to the training exercises. The haptics are smooth, and gradually increase and decrease in strength and resistance, creating a life-like interaction. The sense of touch when interacting with the simulated anatomies adds an important element to MIS training. The ability to differentiate between different types of tissue, organs, cavities and anatomical substructures, using haptic feedback, are of high importance in real medical procedures. To add to the realism of the simulated exercises and procedures, the haptic feedback technology works with wireless, completely extractable laparoscopic instruments and a laparoscope, which are interchangeable between the universal trocars.

Benefits at a glance

  • Full-flight simulator with real position of the surgical team
  • Complete operation room setup
  • Life-like anatomical model with human physiology and features
  • Training with workable anesthesia machine, laparoscopy tower and patient monitor
  • Work with a real defibrillator, patient monitor and anesthesia machine
  • Unique pharmaceutics system
  • Automatic reaction to drug registration
  • Automatic reaction to blood loss
  • Possibility of intubation and applying CPR
  • Unique instrument haptic feedback system
  • Exercise modules training for basic skills
  • and clinical procedures
  • Extensive educational content
  • Customizable training courses
  • Work with a wide range of virtual laparoscopic instruments
  • High accuracy of laparoscopic instrument motion detection
  • Simultaneous motion tracking of up to four laparoscopic instruments
  • Laparoscopic instruments longitudinal motion and rotation tracking
LAP-X HP trocars


LAP-X HP comes with a robotic patient, an anesthesia tower, a patient monitor and a laparoscopy tower. The laparoscopic instruments are interchangeable between the five universal trocars. Various instruments required for different laparoscopic interventions are provided in the LAP-X HP software. The instruments include a needle holder, bipolar scissors, forceps, a clip applier, a Maryland dissector, a coagulator, a sphere electrode, a LigaSure Atlas, an aspirator-irrigator device, an endobag extractor, an injection needle, a bipolar grasper, a needle electrode, an endoscope camera and more. Multiple instruments can be inserted and used simultaneously while performing laparoscopic procedures, and the instruments are interchangeable between the universal trocars. LAP-X HP has a highly accurate motion detection system: the simulator features simultaneous longitudinal motion tracking as well as rotation tracking of the instruments in use.

Educational platform

LAP-X HP is built not only to be a skills trainer, but also to serve as an effective educational platform for rule- and knowledge based behavioral training, which is essential for performing safe laparoscopic procedures. The LAP-X HP software offers a wide range of training exercises, tools and functionalities, suitable for individual- and team training. The LAP-X HP software contains various modules, which consist of extensive exercises, different anatomies and increasing levels of difficulty. Exercises can be incorporated in customizable training courses, with each exercise featuring a description and instructions, a video course, a 3D anatomical atlas and step-by-step virtual tips. The extensive statistical reports and recorded performance videos provide an effective way of tracking learning curves and training progress.

LAP-X HP Motion detecion system

Educational and practical modules

Simulator software automatically keeps tracks of intervention stages performed by a student during the exercise

Basic skills in endoscopic surgery module

Basic skills in endoscopic surgery

Studying of endocamera and laparoscopic instrument usage in non-anatomical environment focused on precise and smooth movements.

Certain significant laparoscopic skills module

Certain significant laparoscopic skills

Education module is designed for development and maintenance of endocamera and laparoscopic instruments control skills in non-anatomical environment.

Suturing and knotting training tasks complex module

Suturing and knotting training tasks complex

Education module is designed for development of needle manipulation and orientation in space, needle-holder use basic skills and comprises different training tasks on suturing and knotting.

Certain significant skills of suturing and knotting module

Certain significant skills of suturing and knotting

Education module is designed for maintenance skills of suturing and knotting in non-anatomical environment.

Gynecological surgery skills module

Gynecological surgery skills

Education module is focused on several gynecological surgery interventions: tubal sterilization, tubotomy procedure and preventive oophorectomy.
The module allows students to study new types of laparoscopic instruments including electro surgical instruments.

Total hysterectomy performance module

Total hysterectomy performance

Hysterectomy is supposed to be one of the most complicated and most required interventions.
Education module is designed for all important stages of the surgical intervention performance.

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy skills module

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy skills

Education module is designed for laparoscopic appendectomy intervention performance. Student can choose how to deal with appendix stump by using EndoLoop, endoscopic scissors or EndoGIA instrument (depending on simulator content)

Laparoscopic appendectomy performance module

Laparoscopic appendectomy performance

Education module is designed for laparoscopic appendectomy intervention performance. Student can choose how to deal with appendix stump by using EndoLoop, endoscopic scissors or EndoGIA instrument (depending on simulator content)

Sigmoid colon resection module

Sigmoid colon resection

The module comprises 2 stages helping necessary of sigmoid colon resection skills training:
- Vessels cutting, mobilization and intersection of the sigmoid colon;
- Anastomosis

Abdominal cavity diagnostics module

Abdominal cavity diagnostics

The module is designed for laparoscopic diagnostics performance skills training. During the exercise one should perform a detailed checkup of the abdominal cavity and determine further intraoperative treatment tactics.

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Technical specifications LAP-X HP

  • Laparoscopic simulator + robotic patient
  • Patient table with wheel cart
  • Anesthesia tower with wheel cart
  • Laparoscopy tower with wheel cart
  • Portable side table with wheel cart
  • Three monitors - one of them touch-screen (optional: extra monitors)
  • Stand for two monitors with wheel cart
  • Five wireless laparoscopic instrument imitators (optional: extra instruments)
  • Endoscope imitator
  • Dual key foot pedal - one pedal for dissection, one pedal for coagulation
  • Single key foot pedal
  • Laryngoscope
  • Stethoscope simulator
  • Endotracheal intubation tube
  • Syringes for drug administration
  • Dimensions: 100x280x180 cm
  • Electrical: 210-220 V

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