DENTAL-X, Simulator for dentistry


DENTAL-X is designed not only for dental students training at preclinical and clinical studying stages, but also for medical residents, graduate students, interns, doctors and dentist assistants to improve manual skills in all dentistry areas. Dental technicians can also use DENTAL-X training as a part of specialization and certification.

Simulator components Dental-X
Gingival and teeth with different disorders plug-in modules
Different dental disorders and periodontium injuries simulation
Exercises designed for basic dental care skills training
Dental crowns and dentures delivery possibility
Work with wide range of dental instruments
Teacher control module

Dental-X is our solution in the field of the dental intervention simulation

Dental-X simulators provide an opportunity to master dental disorder treatment basics, to apply new dental care methods, to enhance dental instruments handling practical skills, to consolidate already existing theoretical knowledge of dental intervention technologies and tactics.

Gingival and teeth module replacement makes it possible to select best suitable solution, regarding studying format and group size.

DENTAL-X simulator with plug-in modules
Dental instruments

Dental instruments

The integration of a studying seat has broadened the dentist and dentist assistant team training possibilities.

  • Dental saliva ejector use
  • Stopping process acceleration with polymerizing lamp usage
  • Certain tooth treatment process highly-precise macrography

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