BRONCHO-X, Simulator for bronchoscopy

Broncho-X Expert

The simulator is designed for bronchoscopic intervention performance skills training

Simulator components Broncho-X Expert
Flexible endoscope (bronchoscope) use simulator
Endoscopic instruments use simulation
Wide range of clinical cases of different complexity level
Anesthesia performance simulation
Intraoperative complications simulation
Virtual tips use
Detailed statistics for each exercise
Patient’s respond to different intervention types simulation
User accounts administrating possibility

BRONCHO-X is a handy and highly effective training system for endoscope and endoscopic instruments handling, pathology diagnostics, intervention performance skills mastering

The simulator precisely imitates the anatomical environment and clinical cases for bronchoscopy performance. The simulator is suitable for specialists of different skills and level training ranging from students to experienced doctors.

A wide range of exercises ranging from easy and common to rare and complicated ones. Each exercise includes clinical records and disease or pathology indications. A student gains key skills and knowledge for a real intervention performance on successful completion of the full training course.

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Highly realistic brochoscopy simulator

Highly realistic solution

Bronchoscopic intervention performance reality due to the audio effects, visualization and haptic feedback.

  • Patient’s realistic respond to the operative treatment and preoperative actions (e.g. anesthesia)
  • Realistic haptic feedback of endoscope handling
  • Realistic visualization of patient’s anatomic picture, complications, occurring during the intervention, and pathologies
  • Audio effects during sanitation, coagulation, sound responds to the careless endoscope handling or to the passing through the upper bronchial segments (cough)

Exercise performance evaluation comprehensive system

The system allows detailed scoring of all the exercise performance parameters

  • Diagnostics or therapy performance scoring
  • Penalty points for rough endoscope/endoscope instruments manipulations
  • Anesthesia performance score
  • Endoscope handling skills score
  • Penalty points for tips use
  • Penalty points for complications occurred

Realistic endoscopic instruments

  • Biopsy forceps
  • Cytological brush
  • Puncturing needle
  • Toothed forceps
  • Various electrodes for coagulation
  • Endoloop for polypectomy performance
  • Real bronchoscope imitation
Endoscopic instrument
highly realistic visualization

Wide range of clinical cases

  • Over 30 clinical cases
  • Diagnostic and operative bronchoscopy clinical cases for an adult person presented with common and rare pathologies
  • Pediatric bronchoscopy clinical cases complex
  • Lymph nodes pathologies complex
  • Basic skills in bronchoscopy mastering exercises set

Educational and practical modules

Simulator software automatically keeps tracks of intervention stages performed by a student during the exercise

Basic skills in bronchoscopy module

Basic skills in bronchoscopy

The module aimed at bronchoscopy performance significant skills training. Module exercises include endoscope and endoscopic instruments handling, studying and testing of bronchi and lymph nodes anatomy.

Diagnostic bronchoscopy module

Diagnostic bronchoscopy

Diagnostic bronchoscopy performance skills training. The module comprises exercises, aimed at biopsy sampling obtaining, checkup and photo shooting.

Operative bronchoscopy module

Operative bronchoscopy

Operative bronchoscopy performance skills training. Exercises include foreign body removal from the bronchi, tumor recanalization, stenting and pulmonary hemorrhage.

Pediatric bronchoscopy module

Pediatric bronchoscopy

Bronchoscopy performance for pediatric patients (ranging from an infant to a teenager) skills training. Key distinctive feature of the module is a possibility of bronchoscopy performance in anatomical bronchial environment of kids of a different age.

 TBNA module


Transbronchial needle aspiration performance skills training module, comprising lymph nodes pathology clinical cases

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