ANGIO-X, Simulator for Angiography
ANGIO-X Expert

Angio-X Expert

The simulator is designed for training process in order to develop practical skills in endovascular intervention performance and to consolidate already existing theoretical knowledge of roentgen-endovascular treatment


Angio-X Smart

Angio-X Smart is of a compact size and is easy to transport. The simulator is suitable for roadshows and trainings related to the endovascular surgery technologies

Simulator components Angio-X Expert Angio-X Smart
Work with wide range of endovascular instruments simulation
Medical inflation device work simulation
Angiography system work simulation
Different types of endovascular interventions simulation, the list of interventions is being enlarged every year
Wide range of clinical cases for each intervention type
Exercises for basic skills of angiography system use
Easy to transport
Easy to use for roadshow and trainings
Complex solution ready for placement in a training room
Height adjusting of displays and working areas
Separate display unit for work with recorded angiography series
Instruments holder

Angio-X is a highly realistic endovascular interventions simulation solution providing wide opportunities for studying and training process for future surgeons and surgical teams.

Simulator series allows learning the ropes of angiography systems use, developing practical skills in endovascular instruments handling, consolidating already existing theoretical knowledge of technologies and tactics.

Simulator models variety makes it possible to select best suitable solution, regarding studying format, group size and required simulated intervention reality level.

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ANGIO-X Expert
Instrument tracking system for ANGIO-X

Instrument tracking system

A few coaxially inserted instruments are being used during the endovascular intervention. We have developed the simulator’s tracking system regarding this important feature

  • Movements of three instruments are being tracked simultaneously
  • Longitudinal instrument movement tracking
  • Instrument rotation tracking
  • High movement detection precision
  • System is calibrated automatically when the instruments are taken out

Endovascular instruments

All instruments required for the endovascular intervention performance are being used in the simulator:

  • Diagnostic and guiding endovascular catheter
  • Diagnostic guidewire and microguidewire
  • Microcatheters
  • Embolic protection devices
  • Balloon dilatation catheters
  • Balloon-expandable and self-expanding stents
  • Embolization coils
Endovascular instruments
Angiography operating system

Angiography system imitation

Working with the simulator, a trainee masters the C-arm operation principle and studies modern angiographic technologies

  • Realistic roentgenoscopic image
  • Modeling of contrast agent spreading through the arteries
  • Digital subtraction angiography technologies use
  • Console and pedals imitate the management system of a real angiography system
  • Separate display unit for work with recorded angiography series

Educational and practical modules

All the training modules designed for endovascular interventions include several different clinical cases. The program automatically tracks the intervention stages performance by a trainee during the simulation process

Carotid stenting module

Carotid stenting

Intervention stages training with different stenosis locations,
distal embolism protection devices and self-expanding stents use principles

Coronary stenting module

Coronary stenting

Selective catheterization of coronary arteries studying considering various aorta anatomy types, microguidewires, dilatation catheters, balloon-expending stents use in different cardiac branch vessels

Renal stenting module

Renal stenting

Intervention stages performance training focused on specific renal arteries origin cases and different vessel affections localization

Iliac stenting module

Iliac stenting

Angioplasty and iliac stenting with use of ipsilateral and contralateral femoral approach

Cerebral stenting module

Cerebral stenting

Possibility to train a complicated procedure of angioplasty and intracranial arteries stenting and to consolidate the knowledge of intervention tactics

Intracranial aneurism coil embolization module

Intracranial aneurism coil embolization

Intracranial aneurism coil embolization technique studying regarding different anatomy types and affection localizations, microcatheters and embolization coils use principles studying

Uterine arteries embolization module

Uterine arteries embolization

Uterine arteries embolization stages and specific aspects mastering regarding different types of anatomy. Use of a special catheter for uterine arteries embolization and embolic agents

Basic skills in endovascular surgery module

Basic skills in endovascular surgery

Endovascular catheters guidewires, embolization coils in non-anatomical environment use training.
Angiograph use basics studying

EVAR module


Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair is a training module with two different anatomies helping to understand main procedural steps of system including abdominal bifurcated stent graft and contralateral leg use, its positioning and deployment.

TEVAR module


Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Repair is a training module with two different anatomies helping to understand main procedural steps of thoracic stent graft use, its positioning and deployment.

Advanced coronary interventions module

Advanced coronary interventions

Mastering of selective coronary catheterization, dilatation and cardiac pathologies stenting (including both stenoses and occlusion) specific aspects are being performed in the intervention course.
Anatomies used in the exercises are based on the DICOM of real patients; instrument physics fully corresponds to real intraoperative ones. Various complications could occur in the intervention course due to the trainee incorrect actions.

Below-the-Knee lesions module

Below-the-Knee lesions

Angioplasty and BTK arteries affected areas stenting are being performed during the intervention. Cases include different anatomy types and vessel affections localizations.

Superficial femoral artery module

Superficial femoral artery

Angioplasty and SFA affected areas stenting are being performed during the intervention. Different affect types include stenoses, occlusions, aneurisms, bypass blockage. Various types of intraoperative instruments are used including microguide wires of a different form and diameter, stents and stent-grafts, Re Entry devices and balloons.

Acute Ishemic Stroke module

Acute Ishemic Stroke

In this module all steps are performed to remove the thrombus with the stent retriever. Promptly perform all steps of the intervention, including diagnosis, placement of instruments beyond the thrombus area, aspiration, accurate thrombus extraction and final angiography.

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