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Meet SYMSuit
SymSuit is a clever simulator that is suit with connections for diverse exchangeable trainers.
The SYMSuit combines the advantages of training with clinical task simulators and the human touch that can be developed by training with Standardized Patients.
It is available in 2 sizes with 7 wearables to attach.


Unique benefits of the SymSuit

  • Patient Simulation Suit & Wearables
    14 parts of which 2 Suits and 7 Patient Simulators – Practicing aprox 40 nursing skills
  • Experience what it is like to be a patient
    Humanises Nurse Training | Empathy and Communication and Social Skills.
  • Practice advanced skills for medical students, doctors, and nurses, on a real patient. 
  • Receive feedback from patient | Role-play training | Scenario training |
    Simulation training

Wearable to attach

  • SYM Abdomen Simulator | Multi-skills Trainer
  • SYM Wound Simulator | Wound care Trainer
  • SYM Buttock Simulator | Injection Trainer
  • SYM Female Genital Simulator | Multi-Task Trainer
  • SYM Male Genital Simulator | Multi-Task Trainer
  • SYM Ulcer Simulator | Decubitus Trainer
  • SYM Thigh Simulator | Wound Care & Injection Trainer

Turnkey projects

Medical-X offers turnkey projects for simulation training organizations. Our support can be for any stage of setting up or running a simulation center/department. Through the use of key partners, our own product portfolio and years of experience, we offer advice on best-practices in your project.   Let us know about your plans and perhaps we can help you set-up the training environment you always dreamed of.

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