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LAP-X laparoscopic simulator

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LAP-X is a laparoscopic surgical simulator. It provides easy accessible minimally invasive surgery simulation training for medical professionals at low-cost. It is designed for surgical residents, physicians, and operating room assistants to exercise laparoscopy skills training in medical schools/universities, hospitals, and skills centers.

LAP-X delivers simulation training for various surgical specialties such as General Surgery, Gynecology, Urology, Pediatric Surgery, and Gastrointestinal Surgery.

LAP-X simulator for laparoscopy has three different system platforms in order to fulfill different requirements of healthcare professionals: LAP-X Hybrid, LAP-X VR, and  LAP-X Box.

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The features of our LAP-X

LAP-X Hybrid

LAP-X Hybrid is a unique laparoscopic simulator that combines the functionality of a virtual reality trainer and a box trainer. Users can train on virtual reality mode at different curriculum modules: basic, novice, intermediate, advance, and procedural modules like appendectomy, cholecystectomy, nephrectomy, etc. The trainee can switch to box trainer mode easily at any time. As a box trainer, the LAP-X Hybrid has the possibilities of metrics measurement and performance recording. All validated box exercises are compatible with the LAP-X, providing the user with real haptic feedback training. The instructor has the functionality to prerecord the example-exercise. The user can then record his own performance and submit to the instructor to be assessed online.


LAP-X VR is a virtual reality laparoscopic simulator. LAP-X VR provides a validated package of five curricula of increasing difficulty in virtual reality environments, in order to attain proficiency skill levels. Users can train in the following curriculum modules: basic, novice, intermediate, advance, and procedural modules like appendectomy, cholecystectomy, nephrectomy, etc.

The LAP-X VR is upgradable to LAP-X Hybrid.


LAP-X Box works as a traditional box trainer with a recording software package, including a database to register different users. Users’ performances can be recorded to be assessed by the instructor later. All validated box exercises are compatible with the Lap-X.

Turnkey projects

MEDICAL-X offers turnkey projects for simulation training organizations. Our support can be for any stage of setting up or running a simulation center/department. Through the use of key partners, our own product portfolio, and years of experience, we offer advice on best-practices in your project. Let us know about your plans and we can help you set-up the training environment you always dreamed of.

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