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HEMORRHAGE-X is a blood pump that delivers realistic bleeding to your trauma scenarios, enhancing the realism of the training.

Portable and easy to use, HEMORRHAGE-X is available in two different models: HEMORRHAGE-X1, with one output; and HEMORRHAGE-X3, with three outputs.

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Practice wound packing and applying tourniquet with the Trauma Leg Task Trainer. The trainer represents an injured leg with laceration, bullet entry, and bullet exit wounds. The leg features soft tissue. A bleeding system enables the leg to bleed realistically from within the wounds.

Technical specifications:

  • Arterial and venous bleeding
  • Regulate the bleeding flow and the pulse rate
  • Sensors detect pressure applied
  • One or three outputs with independent flows
  • Remote control by a web application

Do you require customized wound packing trainers or greater quantities? Contact us to learn about all the possibilities and customized solutions offered.

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