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The future of surgical simulation: Laparoscopic ADAM-X

That Medical-X is known worldwide for our most authentic and life-like patient simulators is not a novelty for anyone.

What is new is that we combined two of our best-sellers, added brand-new features, and developed the first full-body surgical patient simulator: The Laparoscopic ADAM-X!


Our highest fidelity adult patient simulator ADAM-X Xtreme evolved, and now it’s possible to use all the features of a high-fidelity full-body manikin combined with laparoscopic training! 

The new Laparoscopic ADAM-X has a specially designed abdomen for the insertion of trocars and laparoscopic instruments, allowing the students to practice their laparoscopic skills in two different ways:

  1. By using a real laparoscopic device, ADAM’s abdomen can be used as a traditional box trainer, with endless possibilities of exercises;
  2. And using our laparoscopic surgical simulator LAP-X in Virtual Reality mode, students can practice several motor skills exercises, have a realistic experience in an anatomical environment, and practice actual surgical laparoscopic procedures.

In both modes, the students practice with real laparoscopic graspers, developing manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and laparoscopic depth perception.

But Laparoscopic ADAM-X goes beyond…

Besides training for minimally invasive surgery, the trainees have an entire patient at their disposal to practice several other procedures, such as airway management, ventilation, auscultation, CPR, etc.

With our Command-X software, you can control the manikin in real-time and design customized scenarios, adding complications to the procedures such as vital signs variations, cardiac arrest, and much more.

That’s still not all!

The Laparoscopic ADAM-X also comes with our new Anesthesia Machine Simulator, an interactive simulation model of an anesthesia machine and ventilator.

Carefully designed to display the main features of an anesthesia machine, the simulator prepares learners for using real devices. Combined with Command-X and our Patient Monitor, it’s possible to gather the device training with clinical scenarios and patient’s vital signs changes.

As you can see, the Laparoscopic ADAM-X offers much more than a laparoscopic training device; it gives you an entire surgical patient, allowing multidisciplinary training and developing the clinical reasoning of all involved.

Did you know that the LAP-X is the only one available on the market that has real surgical instruments that provide multidisciplinary training in minimally invasive surgeries?

Go to our go to product page and check out more details about it!

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