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We are Developing the Best Clinical Training for Medical First Responders

Medical first responders (MFR) are confronted with an increasing number of mass-casualty incidents with a large number of injured persons. In such situations, medical first responders need to perform diagnosis, basic life support, or other first aid to help stabilize victims and keep them alive or calm to wait for the arrival of further support. The proper evaluation of the situation itself, checking and monitoring the vital status of a large number of victims, and choosing the most appropriate strategy to further proceed with treatments are particular challenges.


Following our mission to improve healthcare for all patients, we are proud to collaborate on the MED1stMR project.
We have been selected, together with 18 top-class project partners, to develop a new generation of Mixed Reality training.


The Benefits for Medical First Responders

MED1stMR will provide enhanced haptic feedback through the integration of high-fidelity patient simulation manikins and medical equipment into the virtual environment. This will allow trainees to immerse in virtual scenarios and tactilely feel and visually perceive the body, limbs, and movements while examining and treating them. A physiological signal and trainee behavior feedback loop will be integrated for smart scenario control.

The goal is to train MFR to improve situational awareness, resilience, and effective performance. The MED1stMR training solution will increase confidence in action, enable faster reaction, and improve the coping strategies of medical first responders.
The project successfully started with the virtual kick-off event in June 2021.

More information about MED1STMR

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under grant agreement No 101021775. The content reflects only the consortium’s view. Research Executive Agency and European Commission are not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained herein. Click HERE for more information.

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