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Neonatal intensive care: The importance of training with realistic simulators.

Every second counts! The first minutes of life can be crucial for survival!

If you work in neonatal care, you know how important it is to be prepared to handle emergency situations. Especially when it comes to premature babies, the first few minutes of life can be crucial for their survival. That’s why it’s essential for the medical team to be properly trained to provide the best possible care for these tiny patients.

And that’s where the NENASim Preemie comes in!

This realistic interactive simulator is a faithful representation of a 27-week preterm baby and was developed specifically for intensive neonatal care training. With it, various medical procedures can be performed, preparing all healthcare professionals involved in the enormous responsibility of caring for such a sensitive and delicate patient.

NENASim Preemie offers an ideal solution for improving resuscitation team dynamics and training emergency medical intervention, such as airway management, ventilation, and transportation. These elements allow professionals to feel like they are dealing with a real baby, which is crucial for developing the necessary skills to handle real-life situations and improve patient outcomes.

Realistic training and development of neonatal skills

Watch the video here!

NENASim Preemie is available in two levels of fidelity:

– NENASim Preemie Xact, for basic training and general nursing skills;

– NENASim Preemie Xcel, for advanced life support training and more complex medical intervention.

Therefore, if you work in neonatal care, you cannot afford to skip training with the NENASim Preemie. Choose the version that best meets your training needs and build confidence in handling premature babies.

With it, you and your team will be better prepared to provide the best care for premature babies, ensuring they have the best chances of survival and healthy development.

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